Terms & Conditions

Employment's Terms and Conditions

J. Subcontract Rights

J.1: We will have the right to subcontract some or all of the work to our contractors and these conditions will still apply.

M. Employement

M.1: You will have to have right to work in the UK in order to be able to be hired in our company. 

M.2: You will have to respect the British values and equality 

M.3: You will have to be committed and take full responsibility for your duties. 

M.4: You will have to be punctual, well mannered, neat and tidy. 

M.5: The Van owners will be responsible to obtain and update their Van Business Insurance all the time working for our company.

M6: Our contracts are self employed contracts and you will be responsible for the calculation and paying off taxes and national insurance also self employed insurance in our work environment and the place that you will carry out your work for us as a Self-employed contract worker.

K. Under the law

K.1: Any dispute between us will be governed by the non-exclusive law and jurisdiction of the English or Scottish Courts of the law.